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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

What is MRI?

MRI uses radio frequency waves and a magnet (not radiation) to formulate images of your body on a computer screen. The images are acquired from several different angles to give the Radiologist a good evaluation of the body part. The MRI tool helps the Radiologist almost see "inside the body" to help determine a diagnosis. You will be asked to lie down and hold very still for the exam. You will be asked to remove all your jewelry, shoes, and personal belongings. The scan usually takes about 30 minutes depending on the specific test your physician has ordered.

Contraindications to MRI:

• Pacemaker

• Aneurysm Clips

• Eye Implants

• Ear Implants, Cochlear devices

• Implanted stimulators or Tens units

• Pregnancy

• Metal shavings in your eye

If you have one of these listed above, please tell the MRI Technologist. These items listed could cause a problem in having a MRI scan.

There is no prep for MRI, unless you are informed at the time’orschcduling your exam.

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